QMT software rangeMeasurement

Qualimatest software for customized products and developments
Qualimatest offers products and solutions based on QMTMeasure software

Features can be added to QMTMeasure software. Each customer can thus select the functions necessary for his applications or add them during the life of the equipment to meet new needs. Easy to implement, the acquired function is sent directly to a private USB key and its loading is automatic without programming on the quality control system. Its availability is immediate and directly usable from the client interface.

QMTMeasure-Base Software
Software for high precision dimensional measurement without any programming

Simply select the desired measurement function, place the part in the measurement area and read the measurement results on the screen. QMTMesure-Base includes a list of basic functions, options for advanced functions and the ability to add custom functions through the Fit For You program.

QMTMeasure Pro Software
Software for high precision dimensional measurement with assisted programming

The control program is performed using an intuitive interface including program templates, standard control equations and functions that automatically detect and propose room features. The operator can thus select the controls and define the tolerances, the control program is created automatically. There is also the option to add features available in the QMTStore or to develop a custom function through the Fit For You program.

QMTMeasure-Expert Software
Software for high precision dimensional measurement with expert programming

the light is under the room in relation to the camera, this lighting only allows to visualize and measure the outline of the room but with a very great precision.

Software Functions QMTMeasure
All solutions are based on unique software features

For optical control

To increase production yields
and the quality of the parts

For aesthetic control

For acoustic and vibration control